Whether you’re a feed salesmen, veterinarian, or equipment dealer everyone has the same challenge; evolving your services from a product they can buy from anyone to a product they will buy only from you. Loyalty and trust is the most valuable currency in agriculture; it’s like owning the goose that will perpetually lay golden eggs.  To achieve this, you must become someone the farmer wants to talk to because you provide unique wisdom and insight that they want access to.

For most successful family farms, farm succession is their biggest challenge.  Often salesmen or veterinarians are cornered into uncomfortable topics on farm succession and caught flat-footed.  What they say in that moment will impact the farm family for decades and if done correctly can cement a sales relationship with that farm family and your organization for a lifetime.

Our agribusiness training program’s purpose isn’t to train succession planners.  It’s to provide salesmen/service providers unique insight and soundbites that they can provide farm clients to catalyze positive changes to solve common farm succession related problems.  We also provide a few tools that a salesman could introduce to a family experiencing a crisis as a starting point for the farm family to make changes.


For over a decade, Andy Junkin has been turning around the craziest farm succession disputes across North America, often after 3-4 other mediators couldn’t resolve the issues. In his mediation work, he has identified several common farm succession problems. In this video series, he outlines several common problems in ten-minute video segments with common sense solutions that anyone can suggest. This program is free, takes roughly an hour to complete, and has no further obligations. Click HERE.


Continually improving your salesforce skill set is part of being an effective sales manager.

Andy Junkin will come out to your business site of operations for a three-hour sales training seminar, which will educate your staff with unique insights on the topic and equip staff with easy to deliver soundbites. Sales teams will be trained on how to solve several common farm succession problems using tools and appropriate advisory methods. Sales teams will role play scenarios that enable salesmen to practice soundbites that will prove to be useful someday in the field.

There are many sales training programs to choose from. The question is, what training program is going to enable your salesmen to have a more deep, meaningful relationship with a farmer? One that solidifies a lifetime sales relationship with your organization and that farm?


Andy Junkin will come to your town and speak at a customer appreciation event. He will deliver a 40-minute talk followed by twenty minutes of Q&A.

Andy’s new talk for 2018 is called SUCCESS™. In this talk he motivates the audience to define what success is, helping families change how they deal with change so that SUCCESS can be achieved. This talk is suitable both for the farm family struggling with succession issues and/or a farm family struggling to survive a pending low-commodity crisis. It’s a game changer on how farm families deal with change…

As part of this program, Andy will provide 200 copies of his audiobook “Farming with Family Ain’t Always Easy” two months prior to the event. Your sales team can gift copies of this book to customers and personally invite them to the event. Other dealerships have gifted these books as a Christmas gift rather than the usual piece of logo clothing or calendar.

We’ve hosted over 20 similar events. At other customer appreciation events, the organizers had nearly double the attendance because the farmers were interested in listening to the speaker/topic after first having listened to the gifted audiobook. One farmer drove 7 hours through a snow storm to attend an event after being given an audio book by his feed salesmen and he wasn’t disappointed. The feed company developed a much stronger bond with the client as a result because it catalyzed an internal family discussion that resulted in the family overcoming a dire succession issue.

Note: To trim travel costs, some sales organizations have had Andy speak to a group of farmers at a breakfast or lunch event and then train staff in an afternoon session. We’ve found this to work effectively and can work out an arrangement to make this cost effective as well.